Sunday, July 3, 2011

Block of the Month

I just have a few more months left in the "Yours, Mine and Ours" quilting workshop that I have been taking. Some of the ladies (not me!) have started to meet to sew together the donated blocks into lap quilts and I am excited to see how they will all look. I had wished they would wait until the end of the workshop to sew the toppers so that all of my blue and white blocks could be together, but it was not to be. Oh well, the June block was very different from what we have made thus far and it is unlikely that all of my blocks would have been together in any case.

For June, we made a "Twinkling Star" block, a contemporary paper pieced pattern, rather than a traditional block. I love the casual look of paper piecing so I was excited to try this star out.

Because I cannot use the Twinkling Star block in the larger quilt that I am currently working on for myself (which is a very traditional sampler), I decided to do something completely different and start a flannel baby quilt (this means I now have 4 quilts in the works, whoops!). I don't know any new baby girls at the moment, but I was feeling the pink. I am sure one will come along soon enough!

My donation block also turned out well. I think that I am the only one in my quilting class that likes the Twinkling Star pattern (this fact may be explained by the fact that I am at least 25 years younger than everyone else in my class), but I think it is super cute and flexible. I will definitely be using it again!


CinnamonOpus said...

OMG that is too adorable. I would love to take a quilting class, to learn nifty stuff like this -- heck, just to learn the basics would be nice! I have all kinds of fabric just waiting for me to quilt and yet? Here I am, not sewing. FAIL.

Melissa said...

I started quilting with a few beginning classes - you can pick up the basics in no time. It's a great winter activity!

WARNING: Once you start, your fabric collection will grow even more!