Monday, December 21, 2009

The Food Box Chronicles

I have borrowed the idea for this post from one of my favourite bloggers, Carrie, over at Wee Two Three. If you are looking for meal inspiration, craft ideas or just some some adorable kids to admire, this is the place to go.

Several years ago (in another time and place), I had regular delivery of fruits and vegetables to my home. I found this a fantastic way to get more fruits and veggies in my diet, but never knew what to do with everything. I made a lot of salads and ate a lot of veggie sticks, but also threw a lot away. I discontinued this delivery when I moved and didn't really think of it again until I saw this post and was motivated to order a food box from Share Organics. I now use my food box as the inspiration for meals rather than a grocery top-up. This has worked out so well that I decided to chronicle some of my creations here.

The contents of my most recent box:

It contained lettuce, swiss chard, leeks, potatoes, satsumas, apples, pears, roasted hazelnuts, pea shoots and a pomegranate. Everything from Share is organic and most of it is local.

The first thing I made was Potato Leek Soup with the leeks and potatoes. I also made several salads with the lettuce and pea shoots and used the swiss chard to make Curried Lentil and Swiss Chard Stew:

I much preferred the Potato Leek Soup, but they were both good. After the soups, I used the apples and pears to make Apple Pear Sauce. Delish!

I used some of the sauce in my weekly "kitchen sink" muffins:

And last, but not least, I used the roasted hazelnuts and satsumas to make Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Biscotti (replacing the almond extract with orange extract and adding a couple of spoonfuls of grated satsuma rind). These turned out so fantastic that I even gave some away for Christmas gifts.

I am on a break from my food box while I am away over the holidays, but can't wait to see what the next box brings. Mmmm!