Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Container Garden

I've tried container gardening a few times, but have never had much success due to poor sun exposure. It my current place, I have western exposure and a partially shaded balcony which, while not ideal, is an improvement. In fact, I had such great success with lettuce and spinach in the fall and have decided to expand my mini garden for 2011. If things go well, I will add a bit more each year.

My garden so far:

Pots of spinach, lettuce, strawberries, mint and rosemary.

The large "bin of dirt" behind the lettuce is planted with two types of carrots and the bag on the shelf is a homemade "greenhouse" containing basil.

I am going to plant more strawberries and basil as well as some cucumbers and tomatoes.

In addition to fruits and veggies, I've also planted flowers. For some reason, I am into red and white this year.

I love double begonias. They do so well with minimal sun.

My mom used to plant geraniums when I was young. One per pot. I never cared for their gangly sparseness, but have grown to love them when packed together in little groups. And in boxes rather than pots.

Even my little Ollie-cat, who was terrified of the balcony one year ago, loves container gardening. Birds to watch, leaves to chase and new hide outs to explore, what could be better?

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