Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Weekend Homemaker

My kitchen was very busy last weekend. I made almost everything that I planned and used up most of my food box!

In my food box, I had received: spinach, carrots, apples, potatoes, yams, rosemary, garlic, onions, sunflower sprouts, pears, oranges and lemons.

I used the oranges and lemon (plus an additional bag of Buck Brand organic oranges) to make this Citrus Pudding. Strange, but true. I was planning on eating it without whipped cream, but it was so bitter that I had to stir in some cream. Very, very orangy!

Of course, I also made my Baked Vanilla Pears. For, what would weekend of cooking be without baked pears?

I used the rosemary, red onions and yellow onions to make my stand-by Rebar Red Onion Soup. I freeze this soup in serving size portions and, when topped with some baguette slices and gruyere and broiled in the oven, it makes a delicious winter meal.

I also made my favourite chocolate chip cookies. These cookies bake up chewy rather than crunchy or cakey. Yum!

I made a simple cheese pizza to use up some leftover cheese and pizza sauce that had been hanging around my fridge.

Lastly, I did not yet around to making my planned cashew cheese, but did make this Sweet Potato (I used yams) Hummus and have been eating it for lunch all week. I wish I had not added quite so much garlic (my poor coworkers!), but it was otherwise delicious and is a definite keeper.

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