Friday, December 31, 2010

My Cupcakes are Famous!

I am a faithful reader (viewer?) of The Lunch Box Project, a very cute food blog dedicated to not making, but painting, food. At the beginning of December, Lisa Orgler, of The Lunch Box Project, requested cupcake submissions for a cupcake poster she was planning on producing. I submitted my sweet little Spring Blossom Babycakes and, low and behold, they got selected!

My cupcakes in their original sweet glory.

My cupcakes are famous! And still looking very sweet.

The final, deliciously delightful, poster: Let Them Eat {Cup}cakes!

The poster is for sale on Etsy, a zero calorie treat for cupcake lovers everywhere.


Hi from Ruth! said...

That's great Melissa. CONGRATS!! It's beautiful...and the real things look awesome, too!

That must feel so rewarding to have your work acknowledged like that. Way to go!!


Melissa said...

Thank you! t's pretty fun, eh?