Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cookies - Outrageous Chocolate

So far, I've made my "must have Christmas cookie" and I've made my "most fun to make Christmas cookie". And now, I have also made my "absolute all-time-favourite cookie" - the Outrageous Chocolate Cookie. This cookie contains more chocolate than any other ingredient and you can taste it! They are chewy, dense treats and are basically brownies masquerading as cookies.

I made one regular batch and added crushed candy canes to a second batch (which are pictured here, but you can hardly tell that they contain candy cane pieces). And, almost impossibly, the Outrageous Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies are even better than the original! Yum!


Hi from Ruth! said...

OK, these look to-die-for good. I will be making these in January...well after the post CHristmas baking frenzy.

Thanks, Melissa, and Merry Christmas!!


Melissa said...

They are a chocolate lovers perfect cookie!

I have made them for Valentine's Day as well . . . . although I suspect you will be up to something else at that time :)