Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Block of the Month

The block of the month club I have been attending, Yours, Mine and Ours, is now finished.  The August block was called Sarah's Choice.  It was a simple pinwheel star and it was nice to end with something easy.  Although, I will admit, it was not the true final block.  The final block is from the September session and it looks more complicated.  However, I've decided not to complete it. It is not a traditional block and contains, of all things, an octagon. I don't want octagons in my quilt!

My final blocks from the club:

My donation block

My block

After 9 months of the Yours, Mine and Ours club, I have 6 star blocks to use in my quilt.  I am making a king size quilt and am anticipating that I will need 10 more blocks to complete it.  I am not sure if all blocks will be stars, but they will all be traditional blocks made of squares and triangles.  I would really like to finish the topper by Christmas, but I have another project that needs to take priority so I think that Christmas 2012 might be more realistic!

Let the block hunt begin!  

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