Saturday, October 9, 2010

From Market to Table

Now that the weather is cooler (and wetter), I am back in soup mode. I don't remember seasonal eating as a child, or at least my mother never mentioned a desire to match meals to the season, but now I rarely eat soup between May and October.

I also rarely eat tomatoes outside of the late summer or fall unless they are canned. I bought this pile of beautiful a couple of weekends ago at the farmer's market.

I oven rosted them to make the base for one of my favourite soups, Caramelized Red Onion Soup, from the ever-popular Rebar Cookbook.

This soup reminds me very much of French Onion soup, but without a beef stock base. Instead, rosemary roasted tomatoes give depth to the flavour.

I top each bowl of soup with parmesan toasts. And, despite the fact that this soup makes my apartment smell like onions for days, it is worth all of the effort.

I thought that this batch would last a couple of months once frozen (it makes about 10 servings), but I went through it in two weeks. It is delicious!

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