Sunday, March 6, 2011


I attended an Oscar party last Sunday (yay Colin!) and, of course, I brought dessert. It was supposed to be a tasting party, but I am not well equipped to make small bites of things. I do not have small pans or small dishes or small ideas. Only my cupcakes are miniature and, having just baked a batch of those, I was ready for something different.

First, I was going to make French Macarons, but I soon discovered that a food processor was required. My food processor died recently in a terrible fall. No Macarons for me.

Then, I was going to make Pavlova, but quickly decided that Pavlova is more appropriate for a sunny spring day, not a wet and dreary winter day.

Finally, I decided on Schmoo.

Mmmm, Schmoo. I love you.

Schmoo, trifle style.

I had my first bite of Schmoo when living in Manitoba over 10 years ago. Every time I went into the city, I'd HAVE to track down a restaurant or cafe serving my beloved Schmoo. At the time, I thought Schmoo was a newfangled dessert sweeping the nation as I toiled out in the wilds of northern Manitoba. However, it turns out that Schmoo existed in Manitoba long before 1999 and, in fact, it still seems to exist only in central Canada.

Once you try Schmoo, you will wonder why everyone, everywhere is not eating this dessert.

Layers of an pecan studded angelfood-like cake, sweetened whipped cream and butterscotch sauce might all seem a bit run of the mill but, in combination, I can assure you that they are anything but.

I followed a recipe from the Food Network, but was inspired by Mennonite Girls Can Cook to serve it trifle style. Much better for transportation. It was an absolute and complete hit.

If you have never made or tasted Schmoo, go make it right now. You won't regret it!


Hi from Ruth! said...

I just SEE the word schmoo and start to salivate!

I had a piece of schmoo cake at Baked Expectations restaurant a couple of months ago (do you remember that place!!??) and it was simply divine...and your recipe is seriously making me reconsider my dinner plans!

BLessings, Melissa.


Amanda said...

That looks delicious! I always have trouble with tasting parties too, I want to make (and eat) too much.

Melissa said...

Ruth - I think it probably was Baked Expectations . . . my memories are a bit fuzzy, but I do recall a punny name. There was also a great cake place in the Chapters by Polo Park. Is it still there?

I think you could totally forgo dinner for Schmoo . . . it covers all the important food groups (although I am not sure how you'd explain the butterscotch)!