Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Is it just me or was last week a universally bad week?

I wasn't feeling well with some weird fluish-probably-allergy-type symptoms. The whole internet was annoying me. And then, the world stomped her feet. I am not one to anthropomorphize*, but I am starting to feel like the earth would say "stop messing around and get it together people!", if she could talk. Sheesh.

By the time the weekend arrived, I decided it was time for some serious detox. For me, this meant (1) no internet**, (2) Gilmore Girls and (3) smoothies.

* That's a lie, I totally am
** I tried very hard and only surfed the net after 8:00pm

The Smoothies were delicious. I don't have formal recipes, but this is what I made:

Vanilla - cashews (soaked overnight), soy milk, banana, maple syrup, ice cubes and vanilla bean seeds.

Chocolate - Banana, frozen grapes, soy milk, coconut tofu, cocoa and honey.

Beetnik - Cooked beets, frozen grapes, cashews (soaked), raspberry juice and cinnamon.

Wintergreen - Spinach, mint, green apple, frozen green grapes, honey and soy milk. Mmmm green is good!

By the end of the weekend (and about 8 episodes of Gilmore Girls), I felt much better. If only Monday hadn't come so quickly!

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Hi from Ruth! said...

Hey there -
just had to say that I, too, love smoothies. Last year, I bought a brand new, lovely Vita Mix machine and I make the most awesome fruit and green smoothies.

But...and it's a big BUT...

Melissa, how on earth can you be so keen on the Gilmore Girls??? My mother and sister loved that series, too, and my mom has many of the seasons on dvd. I just cannot understand the attraction. I need you to explain how you can like that show. In the few shows that I watched, the acting of the girl (forget her name) seemed SOOOO bad. I just don't get it. Help me.