Saturday, August 14, 2010

To Market, To Market

I've been going to the farmers market every Saturday and always come home with a full bag of goodies. I have to limit the amount of cash I bring so that I don't buy too much (there is a pottery place that I just LOVE)!

Unfortunately, my motivation to cook hasn't quite matched my motivation to shop lately. I am usually a salad girl in the summer and a soup girl in the winter, but all I have been eating is toast and pasta. I've got to add some diversity before I turn into a carbohydrate!

Here are two pastas that I made recently:

This pasta was served hot with yellow beans, patty pan squashes and pesto.

This pasta was served cold with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pesto and white beans.

Both were made with whole wheat pastas and topped with parmesan. Except for these two ingredients, everything was grown and made locally!

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