Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Food Box Chronicles: The Week of the Broccoli Failure

It was another successful week in the land of the food box. My daily vegetable quota is on the rise and I almost think I could handle weekly deliveries of fruit and veggies as I have already plowed through my last box, which was delivered 1 week ago today.

This box (being carefully inspected by my food inspector, Oliver Twist) contained kale, blueberries, broccoli, potatoes, pea shoots, tomatoes, lemons, lettuce, hazelnuts, apples and kiwis.

I had my first big food box failure with this set of veggies when I attempted to make my favourite broccoli soup using broccoli and potatoes. It turns out that vegetable stock (which I was out of) is not something you can easily omit - blech. So, in order to make up for this, I bought some yams and used the food box tomatoes to make my favourite African Yam and Peanut soup. Mmmm. So good.

The next item I used was the kale. From this I made some Balsamic Roasted Kale (not chard) and had this as a side dish to some left over veggie chili that I had made a few weeks ago and frozen.

I made several salads with the lettuce, pea shoots and hazelnuts. Delicious. There is nothing better than a good salad and I am glad to be heading back in to salad season!

I used the kiwis to top some Sticky Thai Coconut Rice. However, I do have to say that I am not a huge kiwi fan and this rice is better with pretty much any other fruit! I will be adding kiwis to my food box "never send" list.

I cooked up my blueberries to make a blueberry sauce.

And I used this sauce to serve with crepes. I love crepes and will eat them for any meal of the day. My favourite toppings are either nutella or a fresh strawberry/butter/syrup combo, but this combo of blueberry sauce and greek yogurt was good too!

I even used some of my left over blueberry sauce to top my Sticky Thai Coconut Rice the next morning for breakfast. Much better than kiwi!

Last night, I picked up a few more potatoes and combined this with my food box apples to make Potato and Apple Soup, a new recipe I just stumbled across in an old magazine. It was delicious and creamy and packed with goodness.

Lastly, I have been sick with laryngitis and have been using my food box lemons for my favourite sickie beverage - hot water with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey.

So, the week of the broccoli failure started badly, but ended well. I can't wait for the next box!


joyce said...

My husband and I would like a reservation for two, please.

Melissa said...

My fall-back career is opening a bakery/cafe so you never know!