Friday, April 6, 2012

Container Gardening Update

I planted my last batch of seeds early last fall.  I thought I might be able to squeeze out a winter crop of veggies.  It is theoretically possible, here on the west coast, but it didn't happen.  Everything sprouted beautifully and grew, very slowly, well in to December.  I even got quite a few batches of salad from the plantings.  But, late December and January put a hold on everything.  Sproutlings died or went into hibernation.

I thought I'd have to start again.

But, in March, things started changing and my mini garden has come to life!  The carrots are thriving and I ate my first container garden salad, using homegrown spinach and lettuce, a week ago.

The carrots have grown, even since I took this picture.

I also have beets and swiss chard in this planting.  I am no longer sure which is which and I am curious to see if they work out as container plantings.

I haven't decided how how far to go with my container gardening this year.  I'd love to go big and rely on it for veggies, but my options are limited with my northwest exposure.  Leafy greens and root vegetables seem to work well, while strawberries and tomatoes do not.  Everything else is just an experiment!

Another garden season begins!


Tova said...

I have 32 tomato seedlings in my window. I think I was being over ambitious. I think I will need to share...

I love the sunny, warmer weather and how it makes my fingers twitch to garden!

Melissa said...

I know! I can't decide where to begin!

I will take some tomatoes off your hands ;)