Friday, March 20, 2009

My Snuggle Bug

I've adopted a kitty-cat!  Introducing "Oliver Twist": 

Ollie is my first cat.  Now, I do not actually consider myself a cat person (although I am an animal lover, in general) but, as I am not allowed dogs in my apartment and was desperate for a pet, I searched out a breed of "puppy-cats".  Ollie is a Bicolour Blue Lynx Ragdoll and I think he is pretty perfect.  Ragdolls are known for their laid back and puppyish approach to life so, even though I feel a wee bit guilty for not adopting through the SPCA (the humane society where I volunteer), I feel like I got the right cat for me (which is really the most important thing in committing to a pet, right?).  

I did compromise by adopting a retired breeding cat rather than a kitten so, at the ripe age of two, Ollie is just starting to get used to typical pet life.  We had a bit of a rough start with some crying and howling (on both of our parts), but after two months together, Ollie is showing his true Ragdoll personality.  He loves to cuddle and play fetch and purrs non-stop. Our vet even confirmed that he is a super star on our last visit (male breeding cats do not always make good pets).  Phew!

Adopting a cat was a bit of a leap of faith for me, but I think it's going to work out well for both of us.  Now, if only we can get the shedding under control ;)


Cyker Way said...

Aha,he's so cute and comely.

Anonymous said...

Aww he's adorable! Who is the breeder you got him from? I've been looking into adopting one through a breeder too :) so don't feel so guilty hahaha

Melissa said...

Thanks, he is a sweetie!

Unfortunately, he was not in good condition when he arrived so I can't recommend the breeder. I can't wait to get another Ragdoll, but will be looking elsewhere.