Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Cookies - Week 2!

This week was sugar cookie week.  Sugar cookies are one of my favourite things to bake.  I love the artistic aspect of them - the colours, the shapes and the sprinkles.  I did go a bit overboard this year though.  Between making some for a cookie exchange, some for my family and some for gifts, I think I made at least 12 dozen.  I am now ready for a sugar cookie break until Christmas 2009!

Sugar Cookies!

"Flooding" the cookies.

And done, yay!


Carly said...

I have always wanted to make sugar cookies like that. What recipe do you use for the icing you flood the cookies with? They are darling and look super yummy!

Melissa said...

Thanks! Both the sugar cookie and icing recipes are from Martha Stewart Living although I am no longer sure which exact recipes I used (whoops!). However, the icing is just standard royal icing and I used gel food colouring to get the true Christmas colours. I don't find royal icing that tasty, but it works really well :)